How to Shine Shoes Without Polish
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How to Shine Shoes Without Polish

Is shining shoes without polish even possible?

This is a question asked by a lot of people and the answer to this question is yes. Shoes can be shined not only by the Polish but there are also a lot of alternatives available for shoe Polish.

The charm of high-quality leather shoes is that the wear in one year looks a hundred times better than the first day. But this is only if you take care of it. When you felicitously care for the shoes, the leather will age gracefully, scratches will become a component of the character, and the color will compose a unique patina and transmute according to the cream you utilize. When you ignore the shoes, the colors will fade, the leather will crack, and they will enter the trash more expeditious.

Following are the best alternatives for shoe polishes to shine your shoes

1. Olive Oil and Lemon

Olive oil is very effective in shining shoes. Olive oil is a great moisturizer and alternative to shoe polish; simply apply a small amount to your shoes and leave for 5 minutes before buffing with a dry soft cloth; your shoes will look brand new. Add a few drops of lemon juice to the oil for added shine.

Grab your bottle of extra virgin olive oil from the pantry. It can be used for more than just cooking and salads; it can also be used to polish your shoes.

What you require

  • Olive oil is a type of oil that comes from the olive
  • A couple of soft cloths
  • Warm water.

What are you doing

  • Remove any dirt and dust from your shoes with a cloth and warm water.
  • Apply a small amount of olive oil to a clean rag.
  • Rubbing it all over your shoes is a good idea.
  • Allow it to soak into the leather for a few minutes.
  • Using a soft cloth, buff the surface to a lustrous sheen.

2. Banana Peel

 Banana peel is an excellent organic shoe shiner because it contains potassium, which is a key ingredient in all commercial shoe polishes. 

It’s as simple as rubbing the inside of a banana skin on your old or dirty shoes and then wiping them clean with a dry soft cloth.

What you require 

  • Body of a banana
  • A gentle cloth.

What are you doing

  • Rub the inside of your banana skin (the white part) over your shoes
  • Clean it off with a soft cloth or tissue.
  • Buff your shoes to a shine with a clean rag.

3. Coconut Oil

This is another way to shine your shoes without the help of any polishes. Normally, any oil can be used to shine your shoes; first, clean any scuffs on your shoes with a soft dry cloth; then, dip a cloth in oil and gently spread it all over your foot; this will make your shoe shine immediately; however, if you live in a cold country, this solution will not work for you. Coconut oil is considered as one of the most effective alternatives for shining shoes and it’s very useful too

4. Hair Gel

Let’s face it; most men have hair gel on hand. A small amount of hair gel will do the work and save the day. 

Add a small amount of gel to the shoe surface then rub with a soft clean cloth to get a shiny shoe.

5. Hibiscus Flower

This substitute was suggested to me by a friend; there was a very beautiful hibiscus tree near my home, and this flower is being used as a natural alternative to shoe polish; simply rub it on your shoe surface, clean with a dry cloth, and buff with a rug to offer an incredible brilliant shine.

6. Lip Balm 

 You’ll be delighted to learn that lip balm can be used to shine your shoes. Simply add lip balm to your shoes, clean them with a dry soft cloth, and buff them with a rag, and your shoes will be ready and shiny.

7. Alcohol Rubbing

Yes, can be a decent alternative to polishing your shoes. Dip a ball of cotton in rubbing alcohol and gently apply it to your shoes (remember, very gently), let everything dry for a minute, then polish your shoes like new with a dry soft cloth.

You can use rubbing alcohol instead of water to achieve the military-grade high shine you want. Use some on your dingy shoes to bring them back to life.

What you require

  • Using alcohol to rub.
  • Cotton swaths
  • The gentle cloth.

What are you doing?

  • Using a warm damp cloth, wipe away any dirt or dust from your shoes.
  • Using rubbing alcohol, soak a cotton ball.
  • Rub it all over the shoes in tiny circular move1. ments.
  • Buff your shoes with a soft cloth to make them shine.

8. Shoes of Petroleum Jelly Shine 

how to polish leather shoes

Say you’ve got some petroleum jelly in your bathroom drawer. You will use this to polish your shoes.

What you would need

  • Petroleum Jelly is a form of petroleum jelly.
  • The gentle cloth.

What you’re up to

  • Make sure your shoes are clean and dust-free.
  • Apply petroleum jelly to your shoes with a rag.
  • In a circular motion, rub it in.
  • Remove any excess with a clean cloth and buff to shine.
  • Breakfast with a banana and then polish your shoes with the skin.

Caring for shoes not only makes your shoes look good, but also retains their natural appearance. Without proper conditioning and care, the  surface will dry out and eventually wrinkles will appear on the surface. In order to maintain the smooth appearance of  shoes, you must take appropriate care measures to keep them free of dirt, regular conditioning, glazing and protection from water and winter snow.

Shining shoes has become much easier now. Even though you can’t find any polishes there are a dozen of alternatives available. You just need to use it as mentioned and see the result. Sometimes, these alternatives help to make shoes shine better than any kind of shoe polishes. Some people even consider using coconut, olive oil and banana more easy to use and efficient and it’s true. It sometimes helps the shoe to shine brighter than before. 

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