Zumba is one of the most popular dances in the world. Dancers have to perform intense dancing and movements according to the beat.

However, due to the movements and techniques used in zumba dances, more pressure is acting on the feet. The dancer’s feet are the main part of the body which helps to keep the Zumba dance beautiful and efficient at the same time.

So they need to use special shoes for Zumba dancing which protect their feet from injuries and pains. Pains while dancing will mess up the total performance and ruin the exercise. So choosing the best dance cardio shoes is very important. 

How to Choose Best Zumba Shoes

Good research can lead the way to find the best shoes for dance fitness easily. For understanding the needs and going through the previous customer reviews left on the shoes will be helpful. When finding the best zumba shoes, there are some special features that the buyer needs to pay attention to. 


Zumba shoes are not like normal sports shoes. Dancers need good agility and must be able to pivot on the floor and spin freely. Too much grip will reduce this ability. So, an optimized tread to continue the exercise is the best.


Zumba dancers have to face different pains due to the uncomfortable nature of the shoes. To avoid such pains and minimize them, comfort shoes are effective. Padding around the side of the shoes and great insoles comfort and also provide good protection for the arches.

Spin spot

As zumba dancers need to spin while pivoting the feet on the ground they don’t need to twist their ankles. So the treads and the grip must be a little bit low to perform such actions cleverly. 


Every type of dancer needs good flexibility on their feet. Zumba dancers also need their shoes to change the shape according to the posture of the feet. So finding and buying a good pair of flexible zumba shoes are important. 


There are two types of soles as split soles and solid soles. Solid soles provide protection and good support on the feet but decrease the flexibility. Split soles are more flexible than solid soles but they provide less protection on the feet. Both protection and flexibility is important in such activities.

So the buyer needs to think and decide which type to purchase.

1. Reebok Women’s Dance UR Lead mid shoe

Reebok Women's Dance UR Lead mid shoe

Reebok Women’s Dance UR Lead mid shoe

Shoe is extremely impressive
Multiple Size and Colors

These shoes are 100% textile/synthetic and come with a rubber sole. The Shaft measures approximately about 4.25″ from arch and Heel measures approximately about 1″ while the Platform measures approximately about 0.5″.

The circumference of the shoe is adjustable so the wearer can adjust it according to her feet to maximize the fit. A technology called Tune Zone has been used to make them more optimized for zumba. The mesh upper used to make the shoe is lightweight and helps the dancer to easily perform moves. The synthetic overlays are seamless and the shoe comes with a sock liner. Cushioning of the shoe is also appreciable and they increase the comfort affecting the feet of the wearer. The spin point in the outsole is well made for the dancer to pivot and rotate.

They work on various surfaces because of this reason. The feet support prevents stress and hurt on the feet while performing dances and exercises. This shoe comes in a wide range of color combinations and attractive colors. The design is also cool. 

  • Comfortable
  • Good appearance
  • Light Weight
  • Little bit low arch support

2. RYKA Women’s INFLUENCE2.5 Cross-Trainer Shoe

RYKA Women's INFLUENCE2.5 Cross-Trainer Shoe

RYKA Women’s INFLUENCE2.5 Cross-Trainer Shoe

Attractive design
Multiple Size and Colors

These are100% mesh and synthetic and also have a rubber sole. The mesh upper is highly breathable and there are no sew overlays. The lacing system is also supportive for the wearer to keep herself comfortable.

There is a dual foam midsole in the shoe and as a result it has increased the comfort because of the extra cushioning. The medial post provides additional support under the arch. Ergonomic sole unit allows the feet to move freely along with flexibility and it has a good grip and support. Because of the quality of the materials used in making the shoe it has increased the durability. The toe room is also in a good level and has a smooth front fit. But in the back they are snug and tight.

Stability of the shoe can be found at a higher level because of the technologies used. These shoes are widely used for jumping, dancing and other exercises related to zumba. The design of the shoe is also attractive. The shoe can be found in the market in black and purple combinations. 

  • Comfortable
  • Good grip
  • Flexible
  • Tight fit at the back

3. Capezio Women’s DS24 Rockit Dance Sneaker

Capezio Women's DS24 Rockit Dance Sneaker

Capezio Women’s DS24 Rockit Dance Sneaker

Very soft
Multiple Size and Colors

These shoes are 100% mesh, suede, and synthetic. The sole is also synthetic. The split sole design has increased the flexibility of the shoe. PU nubuck and imitation suede upper and breathable SBR nylex mesh has helped the wearer to keep her feet more comfortable and clean.

The arch is perforated to increase the breathability more. There is a padded tongue, collar, and Achilles notch. The footbed is contoured, well-cushioned, and also removable. The materials used to make the shoe have decreased the weight of the shoe and so the shoe acquires the lightweight feature. The padded EVA midsole helps to absorb sudden shock while dancing and minimize the damage of such shocks. So the comfort of the wearer’s feet is more and more ensured. 

The cushioning of the shoe helps the dancers who suffer from plantar fasciitis to decrease the pain while dancing. The sports lace system consists of laces that are made with polyester cotton. This shoe also has an eye-catching design and it matches Zumba. 

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Light Weight
  • Can be small size

4. PUMA Women’s Fierce Core Cross-Trainer Shoe

PUMA Women's Fierce Core Cross-Trainer Shoe

PUMA Women’s Fierce Core Cross-Trainer Shoe

Multiple Size and Colors

This shoe has a mesh/Ariaprene bootie construction and comes with a rubber sole. A special feature of these shoes is that they don’t come with a lace system.

But they have breathable mesh insets and help to maintain a good fit on the feet of the wearer every time. This shoe has a padded tongue and a collar with pull loops. The outsole is made with a good grip and is ideal for Zumba dancers. The pivot points are perfect on this shoe and as a result, the wearer or the dancer can perform any kind of rotation and dance movement easily.

These shoes have great medial and lateral support on the feet which is very valuable for a dancer. They have become lightweight because of the lightweight materials used to make them. The design of the shoe is also very appreciable and attractive.

The design without the lacing system brings a unique design onto the shoe. This comes in a few different color variations. They are black and pink. 

  • Pivot points are amazing
  • Comfortable
  • Cool design
  • Lightweight
  • No laces make it hard to fit with wide feet

5. Reebok Women’s Hayasu Track Shoe

Reebok Women's Hayasu Track Shoe

Reebok Women’s Hayasu Track Shoe

rubber sole
Multiple Size and Colors

These shoes are made with 100% textile and also come with a rubber sole.

The Turn Zone design increases the appearance and the usability of the shoe more and more. The mid cut design also helps to give this shoe a value and the quality has increased along with them. This mid cut design gives a great support on the ankle too.

3D ultra lite bottom can be found here. Sock liners are foam and removable. It increases the comfort affecting the wearer’s feet while dancing. Insoles have added padding and as a result, it is able to support the dancers with weaker knees. The rubber sole has a good grip on the ground which is ideal for a zumba dancer who is performing different actions on the ground.

Mostly Zumba dancers show their interest in buying these shoes because of the advantages they get from them. The design and the color variations of this shoe are also interesting. Pink, blue and black are popular color variations. 

  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Supportive
  • Has  good grip
  • No enough cushioning on the ball of the foot

6. Zumba Women’s Fitness Fly Fade Dance Sneaker

Zumba Women's Zumba Fly Fade Dance Sneaker

Zumba Women’s Fitness Fly Fade Dance Sneaker

Multiple Size and Colors

These awesome shoes are 100% manmade and have synthetic soles. The fabric used to make these shoes helped to increase the breathability. This shoe highlights lace up vamp and circular logo emblems on both sides. There is a padded tongue and a collar which increases the comfort and support for the wearer’s feet. The textile lining is breathable and the wearer can keep her feet dry and clean.

The compressed EVA midsole is also very helpful to increase the comfort of the shoe more and more. Z-slide outsole is very effective for the dance moves on any surface. These shoes are especially made for activities related to zumba as the name says.

There are pivot points on this shoe because it is a feature that must be included in a good pair of zumba shoes. The design of the shoe is also very attractive. It has a design which is extremely suitable for zumba and zumba related dancers. The shoe can be found in the market with different color variations. Buyer can choose among them to buy the most matching pair of shoes with the performance. 

Bottom Line

So choosing the best pair of zumba shoes is not an easy task. A lot of research needs to be run if the buyer needs to choose the most suitable shoes for her activities. There are special features that need to be found in a good pair of zumba shoes. Some of them are grip, flexibility, spins spot and comfort.

These features needed to be considered before buying shoes. If the dancer is suffering from pains and injuries like plantar fasciitis, good support and shock absorption is required. No one needs to dance painfully. So the shoe must come to rescue them with good comfort. 

So finally, after going through the reviews and research about these popular and most selling zumba shoes, the buyer can purchase their choice. Choosing the most matching pair of shoes will help to avoid returning and such like troubles. Finding a good value for the money spending is very important in these cases. So the buyer needs to make decisions wisely and carefully if they don’t need any trouble. Communicating with the seller will also be very helpful when buying the best Zumba shoes. So going through all these points and working correctly is essential.