8 Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet [Men & Women] In 2023
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8 Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet [Men & Women] In 2023

It’s frequently said that running is free, you simply venture out of the entryway and go.

Sorry to break it to you, however, that isn’t exactly obvious. While heaps of expensive hardware and costly rec center enrollments aren’t fundamental to begin, one thing you certainly will need is a couple of respectable running shoes.

What’s more, that implies tracking down the best running shoes for wide feet for you.

A decent pair assimilates the effect from your feet hitting the asphalt, works with your running step to help decrease injury hazard, protects you from rankles and at last makes for a more agreeable run. Also assisting you with looking like it.

Regardless of whether you’re on the lookout for something lightweight and expedient or padded and comfortable, these are the absolute best running shoes you can purchase.

What would it be a good idea for me to search for in a running shoe?

Most importantly, focus on fit and solace (you’ll be putting miles on these, all things considered). Regarding fit, search for a shoe that gives you space to squirm your toes and a heel that doesn’t slip. Take a gander at the audits on each shoe to ensure it’s strong. To wrap things up, discover a shoe with some style. Odds are if you love it, you’ll be more energized and roused to bind up.

What’s the contrast between men’s running shoes and ladies’ running shoes?

Ladies’ feet will in general be smaller than men’s, so running shoes intended for ladies are made with a smaller impact point. Men’s running shoes are likewise commonly heavier with a less padded sole, because of the way that men’s shoes, as a rule, need to help more weight. Everybody has an alternate body and diverse foot shape, so if a lady tracks down that a man’s shoe accommodates her all the more serenely, there’s nothing amiss with choosing a men’s running shoe (or the other way around).

Best Running Shoes for Men with Wide Feet

1. Saucony Men’s Endorphin Speed, Running Shoes

Saucony Men's Endorphin Speed, Running Shoes

Saucony Men’s Endorphin Speed, Running Shoes

Nice to choose
Multiple Size and Color

It’s not the least expensive running shoe but rather if you need one set of mentors that covers heaps of bases, this ought to be on your rundown. It’s light, nimble, and adaptable and you can bind the speed up with certainty for practically any sort of preparing run, however, it without a doubt dominates during quicker preparing miles.

That is because of a profoundly powerful mix of a springy and responsive PWRRUN PB froth, a nylon plate that is less solid than carbon rivals (so more qualified to all the more day-by-day running), and SPEEDROLL padded sole tech that smooths the heel-to-toe progress in each progression.

  •  Speedy
  • responsive
  • flexible
  •  Limited accessibility

2. Saucony Men’s Endorphin Shift

Saucony Men's Endorphin Shift

Saucony Men’s Endorphin Shift

Pleasantly breathable
Multiple Size and Colors

The S-molded carbon plate in these shoes is combined with a PEBAX-based padded sole froth called PWRRUN PB. You additionally get a designed cross-section upper that is pleasantly breathable and some beautiful negligible outsole elastic for a touch of added strength, while keeping things lightweight.

However, what’s diverse here is that you additionally get Saucony’s Speedroll innovation, basically some math in the underside plan that helps the foot move forward and your toe spring to turn out to be more proficient.

  •  Keenly estimated quick some additional solidness
  • Speedroll technology to help you run faster
  • Unstable stack height

Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet Women

1. HOKA Rincon 2 Road Running Shoe Women

HOKA Rincon 2 Road Running Shoe Women

HOKA Rincon 2 Road Running Shoe Women

wide and vaporous
Multiple Size and Colors

The lightweight EVA froth padded sole highlights HOKA’s MetaRocker for smooth changes yet it’s less articulated than on a few and pair with a genuinely wide heap of that padded sole padding, which brings a good measure of soundness that can even adapt to light going 4×4 romping.

Even though be cautioned, that sole tends to wear out before long. The Rincon 2’s stripped-back network uppers have been changed marginally with a thinned down tongue however they’re still wide and vaporous with a decent open-toe box, while the recognizable HOKA more profound footbed works somewhat like a hustling vehicle seat to support your foot pleasantly for some additional help.

  • Excellent
  • flexibility
  • ightweight
  • Lacks toughness

2. Saucony Women’s Ride 13 Trail Running Shoe

Saucony Women's Ride 13 Trail Running Shoe

Saucony Women’s Ride 13 Trail Running Shoe

great flexibility
Multiple Size and Colors

It’s a midweight shoe that finds some kind of harmony among padding and solace and dexterity. It’s not over padded, over padded, and unwieldy like some since quite a while ago run amicable shoes can be.
The very close cross-section uppers are organized, defensive, and strong.

The PERRON padded sole froth – with similar light and springy attributes as Adidas’ Boost froth – offers an incredible mix of pad and pop, that makes the ride 13 extraordinary for runs where you don’t know how quickly you’ll wind up running.

Deliberately positioned blown elastic on the outsole gives solid hold and strength.

  • Great solace
  • great flexibility
  • Less punch than carbon mentors

3. Adidas Women’s Sl20 W Competition Running Shoes

Adidas Women's Sl20 W Competition Running Shoes

Adidas Women’s Sl20 W Competition Running Shoes

very comfortable
Multiple Size and Colors

It’s the primary shoe to include Adidas’ new light strike padded sole froth (however we’ll see pulling back from boost to light strike in the coming months) alongside a Torsion framework that is intended to make a springy toe-off. You don’t get the kick you may with a portion of the other more propulsive shoes on this rundown, these are substantially more quieted up top, you get a breathable cross-section upper that surfaces genuinely thin, one to watch on the off chance that you have wide feet.

The SL20 likewise runs exceptionally firm underneath, so if you like a more padded ride, you will need to look somewhere else. A continental elastic outsole under the mid-to-forefoot gives additional grasp and toughness.

  •  Well-evaluated
  • light
  • maybe excessively firm for a few

Best Wide Toe Box Running Shoes




Nice Breathability
Multiple Size and Colors

Altra’s Foot shape toe box allows your toes to spread normally and keeps your enormous toe in a straight position. An adaptable padded sole and an energy-returning compound pad add comfort regardless of the surface conditions. Also, with a zero-drop stage, you’re receiving every one of the rewards of a nonpartisan shoe while ensuring your feet and advancing a midfoot/forefoot strike.

The general purpose of wide toe box running shoes is to oblige a wide forefoot and permit toe-spread. In any case, the individuals who experience scouring with conventional running shoe materials will value the Torin 4.5’s development considerably more.

Besides, the “extravagant” level of padding, on Altra’s size of light to the max, makes for a seriously lenient bounce back regardless of the surface. On the off chance that you need extreme solace, these Altras may be exactly what you need.

  •  Sleeker heel cup for preferred situating over past models
  • Zero-drop with a 6mm footbed implies a position of safety
  • Lattice upper gives breathability
  • Comparative fit to unique Escalante, yet at a more exorbitant cost point




better breathability
Multiple Size and Colors

Even though they offer a less “comfortable” ride than the Altra Torin, Altra’s Escalante 2.5 figures out how to give solace and execution. Moderate padding and a 6mm shape footbed mean you get more tactile input from the conditions underneath your feet. Notwithstanding, Altra’s padded sole compound is as yet present, giving you expanded energy to get back to boost your run. Instead of copying each component of the first Escalante, variant 2.5 makes a couple of upgrades.

The Escalante update embraces a refreshed weave with intelligent properties, better breathability, a tongue stay, a trimmer heel cup, and surprisingly new shading designs.

  • Sleeker heel cup for preferable situating over past models
  • Zero-drop with a 6mm footbed implies a position of safety
  • Cross-section upper gives breathability
  • Lattice upper isn’t waterproof or water safe
  • Comparable fit to unique Escalante, yet at a greater cost point

3. New Balance Fresh Foam 1080V11

New Balance Fresh Foam 1020V11

New Balance Fresh Foam 1020V11

Remarkably Breathable
Multiple Size and Colors

The New Balance 1080v11 has one of New Balance’s most stretched-out toe boxes. Furthermore, New Balances will in general have a wide toe box at any rate. With the rich, delicate padding, your feet will be content with this shoe.

The no-crease network upper aides keep the shoe cozy without focusing on awkward spots. The Fresh foam padded sole gives extra padding while at the same time keeping an impartial running position.

The lattice upper is remarkably breathable and a blown elastic outsole helps hold the street with “flex grooves” for a foothold. There’s additionally the Ortholite Premium insole, which helps give a touch of curve backing and adds to the degree of padding.

  • Various width alternatives accessible; from Narrow to X-Wide
  • May help plantar fasciitis relief from discomfort
  • Low 8mm drop tallness
  • Heavier in correlation with similar models

Instructions to Pick Wide-Foot Running Shoes

Here are a few hints on the best way to pick a running shoe for wide feet.

Get an Expert Fitting

Visit your neighborhood running shoe store or podiatrist and get some information about a fitting. A shoe division sales rep or podiatrist can quantify your foot, watch you run, and perhaps do a stride examination to help decide the best shoe for your foot.

Consider Evaluating

For the most part, running shoe size is a half-size bigger than your ordinary shoe size. When estimating, wear the socks you’ll utilize while running.

Zero in on the Toe Box

Your toes and forefoot sit in the front of the shoe, which is known as the toe box. On the off chance that you have wide feet or issues with hammertoes or metatarsalgia, which makes the wad of your foot become aggravated, search for shoes with a more extensive toe box.

All things considered, a shoe with a liberal toe box doesn’t ensure a wide fit in the midfoot or impact point. If you need room all over the place, ensure the shoe is stamped wide, 2E, 4E, or more extensive.

Zero in on Work

In case you’re a path sprinter, choose a shoe planned explicitly for that landscape. Additionally, if the asphalt is your go-to landscape, search for a shoe that works to withstand hard surfaces.

Bring your Orthotics

Orthotics that slide into your perspective occupy space and may require an alternate shoe size — regardless of whether you eliminate the current insoles.
On the off chance that you wear toe supports, toe wraps, toe separators, or some other item for hammertoes, ensure you’re wearing them while taking a stab at shoes.


If you have wide feet, it’s basic to discover a shoe that fits right and has a lot of space for your foot to fan out. Wearing shoes that are too tight may cause torment, expansion, rankles, corns, and even diseases. When looking for wide running shoes, consider factors like expanded widths (wide, 2E, and 4E), padding, a large toe box for your toes and forefoot, and cost.

To get the best fit, think about an expert fitting with a running shoe master or podiatrist.

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